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Shout-Out to Author Valerie Roeseler

Author Bio

Valerie Roeseler is a bestselling author, devoted mother, and workaholic with the determination of a queen bee. She began writing as a child, creating fantastical stories with villainous animals on her toy typewriter. In her teenage years, her writing became a poetic secret before she wrote music, transforming them into lyrics. Valerie’s early inspirations came from her obsession with mythology and British literature. Her debut novel, Midnight Divine, is the first in The Helio Trilogy and an Amazon #1 Bestseller. She is a native Texan and an enthusiast of art, music, adrenaline, coffee, wine, and hair dye. When left to her own devices, she tends to forget that sleep is a necessity.

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Monday, 5 June 2017

My Review: Shifted By Fate by Author S.R. Mitchell


Kelly had a history of picking the wrong guy, but destiny had its own twisted plan for her.

She could not change what destiny had in store for her, but she could learn to accept it.

With change came Eric and he was one-hundred percent Alpha bad boy.

Kelly knew one thing when it came to Eric... 

He drove her absolutely crazy.

Eric knew as soon as he scented her, and her smell invaded his senses, that she was his mate. 

An alpha did not let go of his mate for anything.... she was his.

He would fight for her. 

He would guide her.

He would love her.

And with other wolves now after her… he would protect her at all cost.


I really loved this book Shifted By Fate...and the characters Kelly & Eric really HOT. Can't wait to read more by this Author...Special thank you to the Author S.R. Mitchell for doing what you do for us Readers...I'm definitely going to be reading more of your books :)


*****5 Big Shiny Gold Stars*****

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Sunday, 28 May 2017

Shout-Out to Author Vivian Ward

Author Bio

Vivian Ward was born in Brooklyn, New York but now lives in St. Louis, Missouri. Growing up the daughter of a single mother, her life was a struggle from day to day. When things got hard, she retreated to her room where she would write about fantasy worlds that would take her away from her reality. Even as an adult, her passion for writing never went away and now she hopes to share it with the world. Sign up for her newsletter for release information, book updates, giveaways, contests and more, plus get a free romance novel right away.

Vivian Ward can be reached at any of these links:

Facebook Fan Page➡️
Amazon Author Page➡️

Love featuring Authors  on my Blog, I appreciate the time taken by each and every Author for reaching out to me...thank you Vivian Ward...oh and don't forget keep those books SEXY ๐Ÿ˜‰

Sunday, 14 May 2017

Sydney by Author Maggie Way


A jilted girl… 
A wicked boy… 
A forbidden kiss... 
A happily ever after? 

Lacey Ryan’s perfect life was well underway, until her fiancรฉ blindsides her with a betrayal so deep it changes everything. Now her life’s gone to hell, and the only way out may be at the hands of the last person she’d have expected to come to her rescue, Tristan Keys—the deliciously sexy player she’s fantasized about her entire life. 

Sure he’s arrogant, cocksure, and frustratingly handsome, but he’s also offering exactly what she needs, a fresh start planning destination weddings. First class flights, the chance to see the world, and maybe a little harmless flirtation while she’s at it. Yes, it’s just what she needs. 

Only there’s one glaring problem: Tristan happens to be her brother’s best friend. Which means he is completely off-limits. She knows it, he knows it. It’s completely forbidden. Even though she’s always followed all the rules, suddenly Lacey find herself wanting to break them all. Is he worth the risk? Or will he only break her heart—and possibly her bed springs? There’s only one way to find out, and it’s going to involve a lot of suitcase packing, merlot and chocolate.

My Review

I so loved this book, especially the characters Lacey Ryan & Tristan Keys. I so can't wait to read more into this series...A special Thank you to the Author Maggie Way for all you do for us Readers :) I will be back to read more :)

My Rating

*****5 Wonderful Stars*****

Wednesday, 10 May 2017

Covetous Indulgence by Authors Erotic Storm & N.G. Venaglia


Adult Content Strictly 18+ 

For those who like older-younger this series is for you. It’s not only age related, but an experienced man educating a naive, inexperienced woman, as James takes Katie down the path of submission and BDSM. 

This book “Covetous Indulgence” is the second in a series of books called “The Katie Holmes Series.” It follows on from the first book in this series “Carnal Submission.” The series will follow the adventures of this naive eighteen year old through her summer holidays. Katie’s the billionaire heir to her grandparents fortune and is the only child of an independently wealthy couple from North Carolina. 

In the first book of this series, she loses her virginity to James. This is just the start of her education and as the series develops, Katie will learn more and more about her own sexuality. This is just the first of many lessons that James will give her. In this book, she comes to learn why her parents hired him as her tutor for the six-week summer break. 

It’s not your normal sex education, however, her parents had their own reasons. This is something that will become obvious as the series unfolds. 

This book follows on from ‘Carnal Submission,’ contains graphic and very descriptive sex scenes, and includes older man-younger woman, cock-sucking, blow-job, spanking, 69, oral, anal, double penetration, nudity, first time. This is just the beginning of her education. 

I’m writing this series of books in the first person and from a females P.O.V. 

My Review

Again this second book to the series is even more amazing...I love the characters James & Katie even more then the first...This book gets more indepth with the BDSM Lifestyle...And again more very descriptive...I will definitely be back to read more by these 2 wonderful Authors...a special thank you again to the Authors Erotic Storm & N.G. Venaglia on such an amazing read :)

My Rating

*****5 SEXY STARS*****

Carnal Submission by Authors Erotic Storm & N.G. Venaglia


Adult Content Strictly 18+ 

For those who like older-younger this series is for you. It’s not only age related, but an experienced man educating a naive, inexperienced woman, as James takes Katie down the path of submission and BDSM. 

Carnal Submission is the first in a series of books called “The Katie Holmes Series.” This series will follow the adventures of this naive eighteen year old through her summer holidays. Katie is the only child of a billionaire couple from North Carolina. They’re from old money and Katie herself has inherited a fortune from her grandparents. 

Her parents have shielded her all of her life. While Katie was growing up, her parents, in the summer, would go away for a vacation and leave her at home in the care of a nanny, governess or babysitter. Once she got in high school, a tutor. However, they were always women with the exception of this summer. She’s extremely disappointed that she’s not going with them again this year. Something she had been expecting once she reached the ripe old age of eighteen. 

She’s at a loss to understand why they’re leaving her in the care of a professor/tutor, and a man of all things. Disappointed and convinced he must be some old fatherly figure; she’s not in a hurry to meet him. 

Nevertheless, she does, and once her parents leave, it’s not long before she concludes that this is going to be the best summer ever for her. Follow the series and draw your own conclusions to that one. 

This book contains graphic and very descriptive sex scenes and includes older man-younger woman, nudity, first time, and virginity. This is just the beginning of her education. 

I’m writing this series of books in the first person and from a females P.O.V. 

My Review

This book was Amazing...I love the characters James & Katie...I love how the first is very slow, with James introducing Katie to the style...and it's definitely descriptive on how Sexual the BDSM really is...I will definitely be reading more by these Authors...Thank you both for taking me on your journey with your characters :)

My Rating

*****5 SEXY STARS*****

Thursday, 4 May 2017

My Review of Prowlers & Growlers Anthology Boxset


Step into the shadows with witches, werewolves, shifters, vampires, and soul mates: the sizzling hot alphas you love. 
Are you fated to find your fantasy lover in these seductive, steamy pages bursting with danger and desire? Claim your book boyfriend now! 

My Review

WOW...What a great bunch of Authors, such a SUPERB job for each and every one of them...I enjoyed each and every HOT steamy read...Thank you all for doing what you do for us Readers :) All I will have to say each story is definitely where it's at for me...with the Paranormal Romance & Urban Fantasy :) I will be back to read more by ALL individual Authors :) 

My Rating

Saturday, 29 April 2017

With You by Arlene Gonzales


Alexis Moore moved twenty-eight hundred miles to escape the horrors of her past… 

With her best friend Shannon by her side, Alexis finally feels like she is moving on with her life. Then Shannon disappears without a trace, and Alexis knows in her gut that Frank—the man who murdered her family—is involved. She wonders if the nightmare will ever be over.

Aiden found everything he ever wanted in Alexis…

Aiden Steffan is the highest paid male model in the world, and he knows it. After years of living the playboy lifestyle and dealing with demons of his own—the result of the constant abuse he endured as a child—he has found true love with Alexis. When an accidental injury sends her to the hospital, Aiden finally tells Alexis how he feels. 

While the search continues for Shannon, the man responsible turns up right under their noses…

Aiden learns that Frank is closer to them than they ever suspected. Before he can warn anyone, Alexis is kidnapped and he’s left behind. 

Will Alexis escape a madman’s clutches and find her way out of the dark and back to Aiden…or will she bury him too?

My Review

Again I'm so attracted to the two main characters in this book Alexis & Aiden...I'm still hoping they can both bury their pasts...and find TRUE happiness...
Note: Thank you again Author Arlene Gonzales for letting me come along for the adventure :)


Out Of The Dark by Arlene Gonzales


Alexis flees from a horrific tragedy, but cross-country may not be far enough…

After witnessing the murder of her parents and brother, Alexis Moore leaves her hometown of Seattle and relocates to New York City. Hoping for a fresh start, she gets a job at the Harlow Talent Agency, and on her first day meets a stunningly attractive man—and her first client.

Aiden is instantly drawn to the sweet girl with the emerald eyes…

Aiden Steffan just happens to be the world’s top paid male model. His sexy image is plastered across magazines and television advertisements around the globe, but his fame and fortune do little to help with his own inner demons. 

Sparks fly between Alexis and Aiden until they’re sent to a romantic island together…

Aiden tries to convince her that she’s different than the other girls he’s been linked to, but when they travel to a photo shoot in the Bahamas, things don’t go as planned. When they return to New York, Alexis is devastated and assumes their relationship is over. Little does she know Aiden has his own problems—his ex-girlfriend, who is determined to ruin things between him and Alexis.

Alexis tries to put her broken heart back together, but before she can do that, a monster from her past resurfaces in New York. Frank, the man who murdered her family. He’s back, and he knows where Alexis is.

What will it take for Alexis and Aiden to save each other, when their pasts refuse to let them Out of the Dark?

My Review

OMG, I'm so in LOVE with this book and the characters Alexis & Aiden, Alexis is a lady looking for a fresh start and relocates to New York City...Only to meet the Attractive Aiden...When they both know they have had a dark past will they ever see past it and find love...can't wait to read more about these two...
Note: I would like to thank the Author Arlene Gonzales for all your hard work to bring us your stories...appreciate it :)


Wednesday, 26 April 2017

My Review of Unsteady Heart by Keira M. Belle


How does life go on for a woman who has had her heart and her trust broken. Monica Garza is a woman who thinks that a life lived alone is better than risking her heart. Through a chance meeting, destiny steps in, in the guise of a younger man named Jason McAllister. A man who awakens a part of her she thought was gone forever. Monica is a woman resistant to change. Happily ever after is a child’s dream. She rejects the notion of a life with Jason and finds herself in the safe and familiar arms of another man. 

Unsteady Heart is more than just a romance novel; this is the story of a woman and how a life can change in the space of a year. She is conflicted by her love for Jason. In a year filled with chaos, Monica endures treachery and emotional uncertainty, yet at every turn, with every heart break there is Jason. Will she allow Jason to mend her heart or will she close the door to true love forever? 

My Review

I really loved this book the Author Keira M. Belle sure knows her style of writing...can't wait to read more...special thanks to the Author for doing what you do for us Readers :)

Ranting Rating

***** 5 STARS to the moon & back*****

Monday, 24 April 2017

My Interview with Author Jasmine Haynes

When did you first realize you wanted to become a Writer/author?

I know most writers probably say this, but I actually started writing stories almost as soon as I could write. I wrote short stories. And in my high school English class, I wrote my first book for a project. Writing has always been my dream job.

Where do you get your ideas for your book?

Stories ideas come from life. I could be watching a movie, talking to a friend, see something at the grocery store, read an article, hear about something that happened. But also, I put myself to sleep by making up stories. And if I really like what I came up with before I fall asleep (and remember it in the morning), then that becomes a plot as well. 

What kind of things do you enjoy when not writing?

I love hiking. I live in the Redwoods of Northern California, so there are lots of great places to hike. I also enjoy watching movies and TV shows, working in my atrium garden, doing needlepoint, cooking, baking. I also used to do stained glass, but I don’t have a good setup for it in my new house so I haven’t been able to do that for a while. If I ever get a nice workroom, I’ll start my stained glass work again.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

I’ve written over 50 books. It’s very hard to pick a favorite because there was always something I liked about each one. But in the end, I’d have to choose the Max Starr series, which I write under my Jasmine Haynes pseudonym, as my favorite. I seemed to channel those books. The characters were just so real to me. The first book in the series, Dead to the Max, is free as an ebook on most retailers like Amazon, iBooks, Nook, etc.

Do you have any suggestions to help others who have a passion for writing?

First, join an organization like the Romance Writers of America. They have fabulous classes on honing the writing craft. Second, write. Try to eke out at least a page a day. And never give up!

What do you think makes a great story?

Great characters make a great story. They have to be people that seem real, though I don’t necessarily like them. I’ve read plenty of great books where I didn’t actually like the characters, but they were totally believable. And they were wrapped up in a totally believable story, doing things real people would do, even if it’s not the right thing to do.

Which Writer/Authors inspire you?

I grew up on writers like Victoria Holt, Phyllis Whitney, Kathleen Woodiwiss, Laurie McBain, Nora Roberts. All these authors pulled me into the worlds they created. I couldn’t wait for their next book to come out. And they inspired me to write the best stories I can.

What are you working on at the moment?(optional)

I’m working on the next book in my Jennifer Skully office romance series, Pretty in Pink Slip, After Office Hours, Book 3. I’ll have the book out this summer.

What genre are your books?

I write in several different genres. Jennifer Skully is romantic comedy, humorous mystery, office romance, reincarnation. And Jasmine Haynes is my erotic side, writing contemporary erotic romance and paranormal mystery.

What drew you to the genre you write?

I’ve been writing a long time so what I love to write has changed a lot during that period. The Max Starr series from Jasmine Haynes came first because I loved paranormal mystery. This isn’t vampires or werewolves, but psychics and ghosts. I also wanted to write on the light side, which is the romantic comedy from Jennifer Skully, usually involving a mystery as well. But when erotic romance began to get big, I decided to try my hand at that as well, and found I loved writing the naughty stuff as well. And because I was an accountant in my former life, many of my books are set in the business world, like my After Office Hours series. As Jennifer Skully, I’m also writing a contemporary romance billionaire series with Bella Andre, the Maverick Billionaires. So I switch around, and that way I never get bored with writing the same thing.

Which Actor/Actress would you like to see portraying the lead character from your most recent book?(any book you like)

I would love to have Dylan McDermott play Brett Baker, the hero in my latest work, Pretty in Pink Slip. Dylan McDermott is totally hot, and just the right age for my hero. I love writing older heroes.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

I’m a full-time writer, including all the promotion and marketing that goes with it

What is the hardest thing about writing?

Definitely the hardest part of writing is promoting yourself. I’m not a good marketer. It’s very hard to put yourself out there all the time. 

Any tips on how to get through the dreaded Writer’s block?

The truth is I don’t believe in writer’s block. Yes, there are days where what we write is total crap and it will get axed on the chopping block. But as long as a writer is writing, whether it’s crap or not, then eventually the words will start flowing again. I think that rather than calling it writer’s block, it’s really that we don’t know what’s going to happen next. But as long as you keep writing, it will eventually come. See the theme here? Just write, even if you’re afraid that what you’re writing is crap, even if you’re afraid that your idea isn’t any good, even if you don’t know what’s going to happen, even if you don’t have an idea. Write about your character. Write about the town he or she lives in. Write about his or her family. Write about the worst thing that happened to him, the best thing. Just write.

Do you read much, and if so who are your favorite Authors or genres?

I actually listen to audiobooks more than I read, because I can be doing other things (like cooking, cleaning, laundry, etc). I love reading mysteries. A few of my favorite authors are Greg Iles, Karin Slaughter, John Hart, Lee Child, Michael Connelly.

How can Readers discovery more about you and your work?(please provide proper links)

I love to hear from readers and the best way for them to learn about me is by joining my newsletter. I give away 3 free books just for joining. Here’s all the ways readers can find me!
Newsletter signup:
Website: or

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview ๐Ÿ˜Š

And I appreciate you having me on your blog. Thanks for all the great questions!

Tuesday, 18 April 2017

My Review of Witch Wars pt 1 by T.A. Moorman


Underlayes is another dimension where all sorts of nocturnal creatures reside; witches, vampires, fae, shifters, werewolves…… The dimension was created by all of these creatures working side by side to escape the scrutiny and danger to their very existence that stemmed from the human world. Humans tend to fear things they do not understand and tend to try and eliminate anything that they fear. Even though these nocturnal beings were actually humanoid themselves as well, just different, more enhanced, than their day bearing brethren...

Amongst those beings lies a very powerful witch, Tialanna, who is to become the queen of all Underlayes witches.

Thinking the worst part of her life was the fact that she was betrothed to a complete stranger while in love with someone else. She is in for a rude awakening when she discovers the truth of who, and what, she truly is.

Tialanna is about to learn the truth behind several lies, because not only does her life depend on it, but so does the fate of the family she never even knew she had. But hey, life would probably just be boring if she didn't have to deal with elemental witches, vampires, demons, sorcerers, bindings, spells and whatnot, right?

My Review

I so loved every bit of this book...this book was definitely full of Surprises in different parts...and all around awesome book...thank you T.A. Moorman for doing what you do for us Readers :) I will definitely hope to be reading more of your books in the future :)

My Rating

*****5 Wonderful twinkling Gold Stars*****

Monday, 17 April 2017

My Review of The Enforcer by Bryan Tann


For over two hundred years the powerful hands of Bryce Kreed have ended countless lives at the will of the Vampire Council. 

The thrill of the hunt drove the mighty vampire warrior, causing him to become a ruthless, and violent killer who’s acts were performed with no fear of any consequences, sending him down a path of eternal damnation. 

Today, his path is chaotic and unclear with no direction or goal in sight. Until Mistress Enya Blake came to call with a task that could only be solved by making use of a specific set of skills that have made his name infamous among those that dwell in the shadows for centuries. 

Now the rules of survival and engagement have changed. The chaotic path of confusion has finally changed shape and shown some direction. Now the Enforcer seeks to take his first steps along… The Path of Redemption.

My Review

The Story of Bryce Kreed: The Enforcer: Dark Lands by Bryan Tann

Definitely a new take on the Vampire genre i'm use too...I really like this book, and definitely The Enforcer (Bryce Kreed)...I can't wait to read more of this Authors work...Thank you to the Author Bryan Tann for doing what you do for us Readers :) Can't wait to read more of The Path of Redemption Series :)

My Rating

*****5 Big Shiny Gold Stars*****