Wednesday, 26 April 2017

My Review of Unsteady Heart by Keira M. Belle


How does life go on for a woman who has had her heart and her trust broken. Monica Garza is a woman who thinks that a life lived alone is better than risking her heart. Through a chance meeting, destiny steps in, in the guise of a younger man named Jason McAllister. A man who awakens a part of her she thought was gone forever. Monica is a woman resistant to change. Happily ever after is a child’s dream. She rejects the notion of a life with Jason and finds herself in the safe and familiar arms of another man. 

Unsteady Heart is more than just a romance novel; this is the story of a woman and how a life can change in the space of a year. She is conflicted by her love for Jason. In a year filled with chaos, Monica endures treachery and emotional uncertainty, yet at every turn, with every heart break there is Jason. Will she allow Jason to mend her heart or will she close the door to true love forever? 

My Review

I really loved this book the Author Keira M. Belle sure knows her style of writing...can't wait to read more...special thanks to the Author for doing what you do for us Readers :)

Ranting Rating

***** 5 STARS to the moon & back*****

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