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My Interview with Author Sandra Neeley

When did you first realize you wanted to become a Writer/author?

I’ve dabbled in it since I first hit puberty, but then it was really, really bad poetry, lol.  I’ve always been a voracious reader. Always had these stories in my head, then one day my husband came home with a new laptop, handed it to me and said “Here, write them down. Stop talking about it, and write them down.” So I did.

Where do you get your ideas for your book?

 They’ve been there forever. They’ve just grown and matured as I did. I had no idea that other women fantasized about the same things I do. 

What kind of things do you enjoy when not writing?

 I read. A lot! I am Mom to a child that thinks that she has to participate in every single activity known to man, also. So I spend an inordinate amount of time driving her around and cheering from the sidelines as well.

How many books have you written? Which is your favorite?

 I’ve published two. The third is due out in late April. At this point, “I’m Not A Dragon’s Mate!” is my favorite because it introduces each individual character and builds the world they all live in.  I am love with all of them and they each are my favorites as I put down their individual stories. 

Do you have any suggestions to help others who have a passion for writing?

 Yes, just write it down. Don’t allow fear of what others think of your stories to hinder your creativity. Write from your heart; write from your soul, and the right readers will find you. Some will criticize, but they will fall away, and the right ones will remain.  Just be true to you when you write.

What do you think makes a great story?

 Passion, be it love, hate, conflict, sex, need; it doesn’t matter as long as it’s delivered with passion. Passion and feeling make a great story. Without it you are just reading words that read like a magazine article, and you can’t lose yourself in a magazine article.

Which Writer/Authors inspire you?

 There are so many… But I’ll try, here are a few.  Jeanette Lyn for her funny as hell, loving, sexy Cosmic Soul Mates, J.R. Ward for her BDB and their badassery, yet devotion to their Shellans. Laurann Dohner for her New Species and their will to survive and thrive in spite of their beginnings, their strength and at the same time their vulnerability.  I could go on and on and on…

What are you working on at the moment?(optional)

 I’m writing Kaid’s story.  It’s book 3 in my Avaleigh’s Boys series.

What genre are your books?

 They are Paranormal Romances.

What drew you to the genre you write?

 Well, Romance because who doesn’t love a good Romance? And Paranormal, because normal is highly overrated, and frankly, I have too damn much of it in my life. I need escapism from time to time, so that’s what I write.

Which Actor/Actress would you like to see portraying the lead character from your most recent book?(any book you like)

 It’s really hard for me to see my characters as anyone other than themselves because they are so detailed and real in my head. But if I had to pick one, the closest I’ve found to one of my characters would Charlie Hunnam, as Kaid.

Do you write full-time or part-time?

 Trick question! In the literal sense, I write part time, weekends, evenings, whenever I can grab some time without the “Mom, can I’s” and the “Honey, would you’s?” But, part of me is always in the worlds I’ve created. There is rarely a moment that I’m not seeing or hearing a scene playing out in the back of my head, and I have to rush to make notes so that I don’t forget it later.

What is the hardest thing about writing?

 Putting it out there, plain and simple.  It’s a piece of your heart, a little piece of your soul, the core of who you are as an individual, your feelings, your thoughts, your wants and desires. And you put it down on paper for other people to see, feel, experience. They’re going to make comments, and not all of them are nice. It can hurt. That’s where the courage and not letting fear stop you comes in. 

Any tips on how to get through the dreaded Writer’s block?

 I haven’t fully experienced it yet. I’ve written myself into some corners and thought, ‘Okay guys, show me how you’re going to get out of this one,” but I usually take a shower, read someone else’s work, and step away for a day or so, then suddenly, it will just pop into my head. I’ll be running down the hall, wrapped in a towel, dripping water behind me as I run for the notebook I keep to jot down enough that I won’t forget the details later, lol.

Do you read much, and if so who are your favorite Authors or genres?

 I love anything Paranormal. I do read other genres as well, but Paranormal is my favorite. I love JR Ward, Laurann Dohner, Susan Bliler, SE Smith, Celia Kyle, Jeanette Lyn, Ruby Dixon, Brynn Paulin, Roxie Rivera, Susan Stoker, Cristin Harber, and so many more that I know I’m leaving out. There are so many amazing authors out there!

Is there anything else you would like to add that I haven’t included?

 Well, my readers are always asking for a little bit of what I’m working on now, and telling me to hurry the hell up! LOLOL, so how about a little snippet of Kaid’s book? It’s still in process, and hasn’t been edited yet, but here’s just a little piece:
  A wolf’s howl sounded in the distance. “That’d be Mav. He’s headed this way.” Kaid moved a step or two toward the front of the truck threw back his head and allowed his Bear’s roar to answer Mav’s howl. A few short yips replied. Kaid turned to move back to where his friends stood near the truck bed, but movement from inside the cab caught his eye. He stopped to focus on what was inside the cab of the truck and his heart stopped. There, inside the truck, staring back at him from the other side of the rolled up window, was the most beautiful creature he’d ever laid eyes on. She had long, black hair, with sparse, wispy silver streaks running the length of it here and there, huge violet eyes with long black lashes that he noticed skimmed her cheeks when she blinked; high, sharp cheekbones; full, dusty rose colored, pouty lips, and a delicate pointed nose. She was staring at him just as intensely as he was staring at her. He stepped closer to the truck, lifted one hand and placed it on the window, palm toward her. She looked at his hand for a moment, then lifted her own and placed it palm to palm with his, only the glass separating them. 
Bam was standing on the porch watching, “Kaid?” 
Kaid didn’t answer; he was entranced with the female in Amos’ truck.
Bam tried again, louder this time, “Kaid!”
Kaid heard him this time, “What, Bam?” he barely whispered.
“She’s here.”
Kaid broke his attention from the stunning woman in the truck and snapped his head around to pin Bam with a glare, question there but unspoken.
“Told you to hang on, she was comin’.” He grinned at Kaid and shoved the rest of his sandwich in his mouth. 
Kaid’s mouth went slack, his brain ceased to function beyond the repetition of one thought, “Mine!”

How can Readers discovery more about you and your work?(please provide proper links)

Here are all my links, book links included.

Thank you very much for taking the time out of your busy schedule to take part in this interview 😊

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