Friday, 10 March 2017

Ranting Review: Happily Ever Alpha by Adriana Hunter


Love triangles are always so complicated. New York Times bestselling author Adriana Hunter now proves that untangling them is half the fun… 

Clara has lost everything. Both parents, her family estate and the only home she's ever known. Forced to move to the country with her unusual aunt Eve, the last thing she wants, or expects, is to find herself torn between two very different men. 

Lucas, the gorgeous cowboy, is a man of strength and kindness, a loyal protector and someone she knows she can rely on. Kellan, the sexy, brooding stranger is a man of secrets with the power of persuasion. A man that quickly captivates her every thought. 

Both men are determined to make her their own and neither will let her go without a fight. Clara will have to surrender her body and soul to one sooner than later. 

Time's up. 

Ranting Review

Oh my goodness this book was definitely HOT in all the right places...I love Clara, Lucas & Kellan...but if i had to choose between the two guys i would definitely choose Kellan for sure...I would like to take this time to thank the Author Adriana Hunter...Thank you for doing what you do for us Readers...will definitely be back to read more :)

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